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The Power of Optos Retinal Imaging

The gift of vision is often taken for granted. Yet having the ability to see and take in the beautiful world around us makes life that much sweeter. That’s one reason why taking care of your eyes and keeping track of your eye health is of the utmost importance.

Scheduling regular eye exams based on your age and other factors is critical to maintaining healthy vision and catching any abnormalities early. Having your eyes dilated is one way your doctor is able to see to the back of your eye and look for any signs of disease, but we know that can be uncomfortable and get in the way of the plans you have after your eye exam. That’s why Nicholas Rutkowski, OD & Associates has implemented the use of Optos retinal imaging.

What is Optos retinal imaging?

When Optos creator Douglas Anderson set out to develop a better way to conduct eye exams, his goal was to make the process as comprehensive and patient-friendly as possible. He recognized that traditional eye exams were harder to conduct on children and were overall uncomfortable. His idea came to fruition, and Optos retinal imaging quickly became a coveted method of examining the retina.

The Optos device works by taking a high resolution, ultra-widefield optomap image of the retina, typically without dilation or the use of eyedrops. This advancement allows doctors to see 82 percent of the retina in a single capture, and gives more clinical information to be considered. The scan takes approximately half a second, and produces accurate images for doctors to examine. 

The power of Optos

Two hundred degrees of the retina can now be viewed with the use of Optos, something no other device can do using just a single capture. Eye problems are quickly and easily detected with the optomap images, making early detection of diseases such as glaucoma, age-related macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy, and retinal tears and detachments possible. Issues that have previously gone undetected with traditional eye exams can now be discovered and treated early on.

The optomap images are immediately available for review by your doctor, giving you results right there in the office. The images can be saved for later viewing to compare images over time and track the development of disease, if any disease is present. This state-of-the-art technology allows us to save sight and lives.

When you come in to Nicholas Rutkowski, OD & Associates for your next eye exam, ask about Optos retinal imaging and how it can be used to help you. Come visit our convenient locations in Frankfort or Bourbonnais. Contact us by giving us a call to schedule an appointment today, or by booking online.

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