The Many Benefits of Optos Retinal Imaging

Staying on top of your eye health is crucial. In addition to taking certain steps like wearing sunglasses in bright areas or blue light glasses when looking at screens, you should be scheduling regular eye exams. Catching eye diseases in their early stages can make all the difference in treatment and prognosis.

At Nicholas Rutkowski, OD & Associates, we offer more than standard eye care services. We have the best in eye exam equipment, including Optos retinal imaging to make sure we can detect signs of eye disease at the very beginning. What sets Optos apart from other imaging machines? Continue reading to find out.

About Optos retinal imaging

Dr. Rutkowski chose Optos retinal imaging because of its state-of-the-art technology that affords him an ultra-widefield view of the inside of your eye. The Optos Daytona machine that we use in our office produces a 200° single-capture image of your retina in less than a second. This allows your doctor to see up to 82% of your retina. The images are crystal clear and have several different modalities that allow for various viewings of your eye.

Benefits of Optos

Optos retinal imaging does not replace a traditional eye exam. Rather, it’s used as a complement in order to give you the most accurate, intensive exam without any additional hassle. This small extra step can have a large impact on your eye health due to its many benefits.


If you squeeze your eye exam into your schedule and have no time to spare, don’t worry. Undergoing a scan by the Optos machine takes less than one second per eye. One extra second, and you’re out the door.


No one likes the air puff test when they go for their eye exam. The anticipation is enough to dread it! With Optos retinal imaging, nothing extra is being puffed into your eye. In most cases, your eyes don’t even have to be dilated. The machine uses a low-powered laser to scan your eye and create a digital image of your retina. It’s quick, easy, and can tell your doctor a whole lot about what’s going on in your eyes.


The scans created by Optos retinal imaging machines provide a more accurate and detailed view of your retina. Your doctor is able to see almost your entire retina instead of just small sections at a time using traditional methods. The scans are so detailed that tumors, signs of macular degeneration, changes in blood flow, retinal detachments or tears, and glaucoma are easily detectable. Your doctor is also able to compare scans from year-to-year in order to monitor the progression of eye disease.

Who doesn’t have an extra second to spare when it comes to their eye health? The next time you come in for an eye exam at Nicholas Rutkowski, OD & Associates, ask about Optos retinal imaging to keep an eye on your eye health. Contact our Frankfort or Bourbonnais, Illinois office today to schedule an appointment. 

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